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The Formula For Building A Coaching Business That Changes Lives & Pays You

You'll discover the success secrets of heart led, mission driven coaches so you can start to design your own personal coaching business that changes lives and pays you well.

How To Position Your Business For Maximum Impact And Profits

You will learn how to identify your wealthy place, your ideal client and how to position your business to repel the wrong person and magnetically draw in those who you are meant to serve.

The Proven System For Growing Your Tribe Of Loyal Members Profitably

You will learn our proven strategies for adding new members to your community so you will no longer have to chase after or beg people to buy from you or enrol in your programs

"I learnt a lot from this sir....a lot more than I anticipated. You answered a lot of questions, cleared doubts, killed my fears. I took notes... I will implement as much as I can."

Blessed O.

"Excellent! Your training sessions are always informative and immediately applicable; thanks DJ."

Leah O

"This is a such a great resource. I just crafted my community statement based on what you taught. This is brilliant."

Tosin P.

How To Grow Your Credibility, Authority & Likeability With Your Community

The strategic way top coaches give value upfront to establish yourself as the chief helper of your community so you enjoy the experience of having hundreds and thousands of people spreading the news about you and your community to others

How To Make Money Promoting Offers To Your Community

If you don't feel comfortable with a lot of the sleazy sales tactics shared by a lot of the gurus then you'll love this module. 

You will learn how to consistently turn strangers into eager buyers who want what you offer. You're no longer chasing the sale, the sale chases you.

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Our Founder - DJ SOBANJO

DJ Sobanjo is an experienced coach, trainer and a certified digital marketing specialist.

He began his entrepreneurial journey 16 years ago.

He left his Corporate role as a Management & Leadership Development Specialist to build his business full time in October 2011.

He started Profit From Coaching to help heart-centred coaches, speakers and trainers build a profitable, money making business around their passion of helping others.


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